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Change yo' bed sheets ! #GROSS

Have you ever thought - we spend about a third of each day in our beds, that's a hell of a lot of time!  You should be changing your bed sheets on the reg (once weekly). If you aren't you should probably start!

Pillow cases on the other hand accumulate a surprising amount of dead skin and bacteria just from one nights sleep ! What the F ! Your hair and face accumulate a fair bit of bacteria compared to other parts of your body. Only those who know this would change their pillow cases more often than their bed sheets. 

Want some more reasons to change your pillow cases twice a week ?


We all know what acne is but let's get a bit medical here - Acne is an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin; characterised by pustules . When we sleep (or don't sleep wink wink), the bacteria on our skin is transferred to our sheets. Not changing your pillowcases (twice a week) and bed sheets weekly can lead to those nasty breakouts and skin irritation. 


Our immune system is attacked when it fight more germs and bacteria than it should. Since pillowcases and bed sheets harbor bacteria, it can lower our immune system and can lead to risk of other health conditions that can arise from bacterial infections. And the average person produces more than 98 litres of sweat each year (yuckkyy), which means dirty bedding can cause breakouts, skin irritations and even make us sick. Wash pillowcases (twice a week) and bed sheets weekly to keep your bed a healthy #zenaf oasis. 


Clogged pores can occur when we don't change our pillowcases twice weekly, and this can lead to blemishes and breakouts. Some good tips are to exfoliate #naspod (PLUG !), as you'll be less exposed to dead skin cells and shedding on a regular basis, and to use chemical-free laundry detergent, as some chemicals can affect our skin. Let us know what detergent you use via our Instagram so we can share !

I know I love the feeling of crisp, soft and fresh AF bedsheets.. Now I have to go change my sheets RN ! 

Keep yourself (shower) , your partner (make them shower) and your bed clean !