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There's a lot of uncertainty around, and a lot of people are feeling anxiety and uncomfortable with not knowing exactly what's real and what's not.  Social distancing is a reality for right now. We're spending less time socially and cocooning more in our homes, alone or with our housemates and  families. 


Take advantage of these times - use them as an opportunity to do something for yourself.  Something good for YOU!   Stop and take the time to think about how you can take care of yourself better.  Is it time to Level UP your self care? 


Maybe it's also time to think about paring things back to the basics more in terms of what you use on your body - and look for more natural alternatives.  Consider also things that do more for you ~ so you can use less.    


With the more time you have at home – allow yourself to take a few more minutes during your shower to refine, exfoliate and nourish your body with a Body POD.  You can afford the extra moments to massage your face with a Face POD that deep cleanses while it  smooths and polishes the skin. 


I also have a little more time since I'm spending more time at home - so if you want to ask me which POD is best for any skin issues you may be experiencing or asking goals that you have - just DM me with all of your questions and I'll guide you to what's best for you.