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Look after your poonani 😜

Well, we all know now how important skincare is but there is one part of our bodies that go somewhat unspoken about. Our Fruit, Fanny, Peach, Poosy, Pussy, Poonani, Vagina - whatever you like to call it. We do forget about her, she does so much for us, our partners and just bluntly the whole entire fucking world, without our pussy's there actually wouldn't be humans. 

I asked a bunch of my girlfriends their number one tips of keeping it clean, nourished and cared for which of course I wanted to share with you all.


1. Underwear 

Are you wearing cotton or polyester ? Check it, cotton underwear lets your girl breath or as we like to say 'keeps it fresh as 👌🏽'

2. Workout ? SHOWER!

Do you run to the gym in the morning and get on with your day ? Well cut that and utilise the gyms facilities. Shower your Poonani with love as well as water, wash that workout sesh away 

3. Drink more water ! 

Water is just an elixir for life right ? Skin, digestion, boy problems just drink more water. Drinking water promotes good v jay jay care as well by flushing out those toxins and bad bacteria in our bodies.

4. Pee after the D

Did your mum ever tell you this ? Mine did. Peeing right after sex will help prevent the spread of bacteria that causes UTI's. I do this religiously 🙏🏼

5. Vag Fitness 

Far out, doing the 'kegel exercise' is something I personally FAIL at getting done. Going to the gym on the reg incorporating some pelvic floor exercises is one thing but sitting at your desk doing your kegel exercises is another. I am actually doing them as I am typing this post ! It's advised to do 3 sets of 10-15, 3 times per day. Doing this will help your future self with childbirth, ageing and urinary incontinence. They say it adds benefit to your sex life as well, increasing blood flow to the nerves for 'greater pleasure' 💦.