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I’ve been thinking a lot about this social distancing thing…and how we are all trying to reversion our lives to minimise any necessary person to person contact. 


I’m starting to think about this imposed isolation not as a punishment but as an opportunity to  the things I want to do more of…spend time with Sam, develop more products for NAS, cook more, start to think about creating a kitchen garden, take care of my skin more and just get on the phone and talk more to my friends more often.



Let’s face it – it’s not a natural thing for us humans to be apart for too long – we are just naturally social beings. So let’s also remember there are other ways to show love to those around us without having to be physically present.


If you caught my chat the other day I mentioned that we needed to look at ways to leverage the opportunities in this current moment.  Using that extra time I find myself with now that I spend most of my time at home – I’m definitely focused on using that time for more self care!   I’m finding ways to build those moments into my day – and it feels good! AND I don’t feel guilty.


Encourage your besties and your closest and those who make up your Universe to do the same.  Remind them to treat themselves to the self care – that they wouldn’t otherwise find the time to do.

Maybe help them along by treating them with something just for them.  Just because we all need a little more love, a little more kindness and support in these times.


Order a NASKIN Face POD infusion you know they’ll like.  Or maybe a nourishing Body POD for the shower.  If you know they love candles – our NASKIN Vanilla Bourbon or Coconut & Key Lime soy scented candles will surround them with a soothing and uplifting vibe at home. 


Let us know when you’re ordering and we’ll pop in a personal note from YOU to THEM.